Dynamic Life, Static Site

Hello there,
Past week I was acquainted with the wonderful JAMStack (jamstack) after visiting a post on Sam and Avik’s blogs (sam and avik). Reading these posts made me realize that my domain gauravgandhi.dev was due for an upgrade. So I spent the last week learning and understanding JAMStack. And then started working on my website.

I choose to use gatsbyjs for it’s simplicity, performance and the integration with React. While I still have a lot of revisions to make to my website in terms of design and data, I did deploy an early build on Netlify and these were the key takeaways:

  • Gatsby makes building and deploying the site super easy. Writing my pages in Markdown and then seeing the completely built site working perfectly was amazing.
  • Lighthouse report was off the charts. I will attach an image of my lighthouse score but I was completely blown away with the overall performance.
  • There is a minimalistic simplicity to the website that I have grown to love recently.

I highly recommend everyone to check it out!
Until next time, folks.