Alfred – Productivity Enhanced!

Hello everyone!
So last week, I was going through the phase where I felt my computer was getting a little stale in terms of the user experience and the interface. I had this itch to tinker a little and change some stuff. Just some regular developer experience, I believe. And I stumbled upon Alfred (alfred). I had seen it recommended by the developer community on Twitter but I never got around to it because of the learning curve. Well, this summer is all about learning and experimenting with new technologies, So I decided to take the plunge and it changed my life! I fell in love with the various workflows designed to make my life so much easier! Here’s a list of my current favorite workflows!

  • DevDocs – Search developer documentation for hundreds of programming languages, frameworks and libraries (github)
  • Open in VSCode – Open any folder in VSCode in three simple steps! (github)
  • Spotify Mini Player – Control your Spotify from Alfred! (alfred-spotify-mini-player)
  • SSH – Ssh into your instances quickly (github)

My list is still growing as I’m using it more and more everyday and I highly suggest everyone to try it out!