Progress Report and Surprise!

Hello everyone,
Since my last post, I think since we are halfway through the summer, It’s time to reflect back a little and see my progress from the start and adjust my plans accordingly.

The summer began with the Linux Fundamentals course, which is still helping me as I’m working with GCP instances and AWS EC2 instances for a project that I’m going to reveal at the end of this blog post.
And then we moved on to the Full Stack course, which completely changed my thinking and approach towards full stack projects and React, now I’m working on two different projects at the same time, both of which are using React and I’m learning more about the advanced concepts in the React world. Between these projects, I also got AWS certified and have been working on understanding more and more about cloud computing. In fact, I decided to add another challenge to my list and that is the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification. I’m putting a target of the first week of September to achieve this target and hopefully I will continue to enjoy and learn all about cloud computing and it’s integration in development of real world software!

Now I guess it’s time to reveal my surprise project, and it’s a Twitter Clone!! The idea behind this came to me when I found out that a class I was looking forward to take this fall (CSE 356 Cloud Computing) was cancelled and I was denied the opportunity to struggle through it. So I decided if Cloud Computing can’t come to my classroom, It won’t stop me from pursuing my desire to learn the concepts and broaden my knowledge. So with the enormous help of my buddy Sam (Smart Boi), I was able to get a pdf copy of the cloud project from a previous semester, which was a twitter clone, along with a detailed api specification. So anyways I started coding, deployed a Cassandra database cluster on the cloud and focused on working on the backend. I hope to finish the backend soon, after which I will work on a minimalistic frontend and deploy the whole application on the cloud. I can’t wait to show everyone my project soon!