Scala Project

Hello everyone!
So this week, I was promoted at my part time job to start working on a SWE project! Our college has these SCALA TV systems to display specific information according to the college. As being a Campus Residences IT Specialist, I work with my team to maintain these Scalas. But the only way we would ever know if one of them was down or malfunctioning is when someone reported it or we went to the location and checked. And doing this on a 5.884 km² campus is a huge task.

So, me and my friend at work came to the solution to make a dashboard where we could monitor every single system from the same webpage. My friend tinkered around with the ancient api and made his own to make it easier to get information about the systems. I have been tasked with making the frontend and thanks to the full stack course, I know exactly how to approach this project. I will be working with React.js and Redux to create a complete front end experience so that we could have an easier and better time maintaining the SCALAs spread across the campus. I’m looking forward to showing you everyone the finished product!