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Hello everyone, hoping y’all are safe and sound this pandemic season of 2020. I have been safely tucked in my home but not for long though. I will be flying back to India from New York in about two weeks and I’m genuinely excited and scared at the same time.

Okay so let’s get to the progress part of this post, in the last week, I have been able to finish the part 6 of the full stack course and going on good speed to finish the course before I fly out. Sounds so exciting to be able to finish my second milestone by the end of June. I also have another excited surprise. So I have been tasked with creating the frontend dashboard for my part time job and the timing couldn’t have been better! I mean react full stack course and then straight to a full fledged dashboard to monitor school devices sounds like the path is being written pretty well! I will soon have an update on the progress of this project but don’t worry. This won’t take away from the personal project I have planned for myself. (Yes, I have an idea for a full fledged project, no you won’t find out before I show you the project). So everyone, stay safe and enjoy the summer in the meanwhile.

P.S. I also reached a quick 70 wpm and have been practicing a lot of typing so that I can get the speed speed soon!

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