Updates from the last two weeks!

First of all I apologize for not having an update for everyone last week, I’m in a unique situation where I have to use my mobile hotspot for all internet needs and after the data limit was reached, the speed was excruciatingly slow. 🙁 Slowly but surely, I have been making progress with the Full Stack course and have made through to part 5!! The course is a really interesting and a nice refresher in React and express. So far I have had some very clear understanding on a lot of web development topics! From designing and implementing front end in React to testing, designing and implementing the backend, it’s been a roller coaster ride! We also touched base with using MongoDB for my database needs. The next part that I’m going to venture on is end to end testing the whole application and also testing the frontend. There hasn’t been much progress in other ventures but I’ll hopefully have an update soon and until then I hope everyone understands the situation I’m in. I also have a basic idea on a web application that I will soon start working on so stay tuned for updates in that direction too!