Updates from the last 2 weeks!

Hello everyone,

A lot has happened in the past two weeks and I thought I should share some information about my progress in my commitments. So, I finished the first course in my list. Linux and OS Fundamentals was a super insightful course giving me more information than I expected going into the course. Uncle Raju also had this super cool idea to make our own trash as a capstone project for the end of the course. You know how Windows and MacOS have the trash where anything deleted is stored. There’s nothing like that if you use the rm command in bash so we created a bash script which stores everything that we delete in a bash shell to a temp folder to not lose important stuff. This was super fun to do and is already up on my GitHub profile. (github, about time lol). So the next step is to work on the full stack course and I’m already making progress on that course.

My Junior year ended last week and now I’m officially a senior in college. It’s been a long journey and I can’t believe I’m already reaching the end of it soon. Regardless, I will keep working on my summer commitments and maybe share some wisdoms I have learnt in the three years of college experience I have gathered. In sneaker related news

Jordan 1 hype because of The Last Dance is unreal. We demand more 1s be released!


I got a pair of Jordan 1 SB La to Chi last week and can’t wait to un deadstock them when I get the chance!